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Justice Dewayne With Dog

Justice Dewayne

The Farmer Method

Farmer techniques are very simple. To get dog to sit, might involve a light kick to the chest. If a dog is engaging in bad behavior, a firm “No” and a swat across the nose with some work gloves. If the dog tries to race out a door or gate before the farmer, squeeze him with the door making it an unpleasant experience that he won’t want to repeat.

  • Farmers don’t have hours to spend training a dog every day.
  • Method is based on minimal use of equipment.
  • Farmer spends little time contemplating on what is fair.
  • Cesar Millan popularized a watered down version of this system.
  • Corrections can be anywhere from firm to harsh.
  • A dog on a farm that doesn’t learn quickly, can end up very dead.
  • Farmer’s selection of good dogs that are high drive and strong nerved translates into little fall out.
  • The approach is similar to Koehler but less structured, involves careful dog selection and few tools.

Farmer-Style Sit

You must understand the farmer’s perspective. He isn’t going to spend his day dog-training. He has far too much work to do.

  • Say sit, when he doesn’t sit put the nasty game face on, stiffen body and move towards him while repeating.
  • If he still doesn’t sit, a tap with your foot to his chest gets his attention and down goes his butt.

I can hear the shrieks of horror now. Truth is, a tap isn’t going to hurt anything. It isn’t going to endlessly damage your relationship with a good nerved dog.

Watch how puppies play? The are downright cruel and barbaric. They bite each others ears with needle sharp teeth and ignore the screams of their victim. These pups don’t grow up emotionally scarred. The ear bite doesn’t ruin them and neither will a very light tap to the chest.