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  1. Richard Morris

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    1. You must user your real name.

    2. Please do not use a Yahoo or Hotmail email account. If you have nothing other than this send an email to telling me about you and your dogs.

    3. The forum is primarily for advice and discussions on various aspects of dog training methods and theory, and questions arising regarding behavioural issues.

    4. Constructive criticism is perfectly acceptable when arguing in support of a particular viewpoint. What is NOT acceptable is abuse "ad hominem" (against the man). Please keep it civil. If a discussion becomes too "heated" in the view of the moderators, they will intervene . We are all adults, so let us behave accordingly. If you disagree "violently" with a particular opinion, do not feel obliged to refrain from commenting, but try to remain rational. Without the ability to express your own viewpoint, the forum would be empty, and your input is welcomed.

    5. The "members lounge" is available to post pictures, dog stories, braggs, etc. If you post a joke, or a humorous story, please keep it within the bounds of common decency.

    6. This is not a "shouting" forum. Any threads that develop into a "slanging/shouting" match, where insults are freely traded back and forth, will be terminated, and the respective members will be contacted privately. If this is what you want, then go to Yahoo. It is not welcome here.

    7. Debates that do not further dog training may be temporarily or permanently removed without notice. Too many forums degenerate into debate clubs that offer their members little value other than the combatants inflating their over sized egos.

    8. If you claim that you have a BETTER way than others you might be asked to produce a video with some supporting evidence. Talk is simply talk. Those that make grandiose claims about their superior skills without supporting evidence will have those posts removed. You are always welcome to tell people what you do. One crosses the line once they claim that their way is better than others.

    9. Absolutely NO TROLLS!!!

    10. By default a batch process will subscribe you to every forum.( WATCH) This means you will receive emails for every post. If you prefer to be removed from them all please send an email to You are also welcome to remove them by "UNWATCH FORUM" manually. You can retain only the ones that interest you. It might take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours before you are receiving ALL posts from the DEFAULT ALL FORUMS WATCHCED due to the nature of batch jobs. Those you select manually of course will take effect immediately.

    11. All posts, pictures, videos and other media submitted to Balanced Trainers shall become the property of Balanced Trainers. If for some reason you no longer wish to partake, in the forum, your account will be locked and your email address will be removed, however your posts will remain; as removing them could destroy the continuity of numerous discussions. If you do not agree to this, you can still maintain read only membership. No one will be forced to post.

    People sometimes say things that they regret. If this occurs please notify us immediately so that we can remove the post. Again we have no interest in refereeing "he said she said" type debates. We would prefer to remove a couple heated comments made by various parties in an effort to maintain a cohesive community. We will be happy to remove the odd post but do not want to remove posts made over a period of time.

    ** rules created by Daniel Audet and Richard Morris. Check back regularly as these rules will evolve overtime to provide the best forum possible.
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