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    Before applying for an account please familiarize yourself with the rules and policies of this forum. Rules are subject to change at any time and the admins reserve the right to take any actions that they view as being beneficial to the community.

    Rules and Policies can be found here...

    1. Please use your real name. Pseudonyms such as "KingTut123" will not be accepted. This tells us you are genuinely interested in learning about and discussing dog training, which is the purpose of this forum. If you feel you cannot use your real name, please "contact us".
    2. Anonomous e-mail addresses such as and are not acceptable.
    If this is your only option, please "contact us".
    3. To register, click the "Sign up now" button, and follow the instructions. A confirmation e-mail will be sent when the registration request has been approved.
    4. When your registration has been confirmed, please go to the Introductions forum found in the Members Lounge category, and introduce yourself, your dog(s) and feel free to post any pictures.

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