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Before I met Jonesy I was told that he had aggression issues and that a Pure Positive trainer suggested that he be put down. If people wonder sometimes why my message is a bit "heated" this is a classic example. This dog does not have any aggression issues nor has he ever had any aggression issues.

Jonesy the Dog


Jonesy was found in the Myrtle Beach area as a very young puppy. He quickly grew up to be an unruly adoloscent.

I felt like saying, "What part of Border Collie mix don't you understand?" As in fast sports cars, don't buy it if you can't drive it. In this case the rescue was trying to do the good hearted thing by taking a dog like this in.

Jonesy was a very typical working type dog, with tons of energy and not enough to do. So when you went into his pen he would bounce all over you, bite at your hands and try to tear your clothes off. There's nothing wrong with this dog. It is a puppy! This is the classic reason I recommend that people don't get puppies. Dogs are not born fully trained and they are not born with good manners. If they were, there wouldn't be much of a trick to being a dog trainer. If had any of these folks had ever been around a litter of Malinois pups they would have shrugged their shoulders and said, "Business as Usual...".

Before I actually met Jonesy, I remember commenting to my wife, "I am headed out to the rescue to get torn up by a dog..." I was underwhelmed to say the least. I initially put him on a prong collar and taught him some basic obedience. He walked like a competition dog on a leash in a short amount of time. Later he was eCollar trained. This of course gave him much greater freedom to burn off all of that extra energy. His bad behavior upon first greeting him in the pen remained for some time. The months went by and he still was not adopted out.

I eventually found someone to foster Jonesy. His listing on Pet Finder remained as "No Cats", "No Dogs", "No Kids". His foster had three dogs and four cats. The lady that took him in was not a professional dog trainer. Matter of fact she works as a bar tender and Charlotte Bobcat cheerleader. Old stereotypes die hard. She followed my instructions carefully and in no time at all she had Jonesy integrated into her pack of cats and dogs. The listing on Petfinder was eventually changed. Guess what? He did find a home.

There are multiple things that can be learned from this dog.

Puppies can be little terrorists. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with them. Kids are often very poorly behaved when they are young. It is a mountain of work to raise a puppy, or a child. If you don't want that burden and don't view such things as a labor of love, don't get either.

Just because a young dog nips, bites and bounces certainly does not mean it's crazy or aggressive. The word "euthanize" should never be brought up when talking about this type of dog.

Rescues need to learn more about drivey dogs if they are going to take them in.

Adopters of dogs need to realize what they are getting into before getting the dog. The rescues will be a lot less full.

-- Daniel Audet

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