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Tyco the Dog


One man's trash is another man's treasure!


Truth be told, I have never met Tyco. I received a call from a rescue describing a dog with resource guarding issues. They considered this dog to be too aggressive to be adopted out under the rescue name. The information that I heard on the phone had me thinking that this dog was not that big of a deal.

The writing between the lines with this dog had me realize that if I didn't find him a home soon, he would never find one... If you know what I mean. It turned out that there was a lady on a forum, whose sister who had recently lost a GSD (dog passed away). The stars aligned and this lady's sister ended up being Tyco's new owner. The new owner had experience with more dominant type dogs in the past.

I checked in a couple times to see how Tyco was doing. Apparently Tyco hasn't given anyone any grief. He even gets along well with visitor's dogs.

The reason why I believe some of these dogs work out with some people and not others is that the fuzzy bunny slipper crowd doesn't have it in them to give a dog firm direction. That is all these dogs need, some direction put into very definite terms. The direction and definite terms are consistently applied. It's that simple.

-- Daniel Audet